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When I was 8 years old my aunt took me to an Exhibition of artwork from the South Pacific. I was totally awestruck. The power and  mystery of this work made me decide then and there I wanted to  spend my  life as an artist. I attended the University of the Arts in  Philadelphia, Montclair State University and NYU, worked in  Package Design for a short time, and then went to NYC to be in the center of the art world. Chance lead me to many interesting and  challenging jobs, from Wall St to the Ghetto, from Corporate Offices, Union Halls, UniversityTheater Departments and the  Lehigh River where I worked as a Whitewater Guide. All the while I followed the NY Gallery Shows, read Art Magazines and Textbooks and made art when I could. Finally I was able to become a full time artist. 

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Site Specific Sculpture

I participated in a number of temporary Outdoor Sculpture Exhibitions. This is one of a group of 10 elements in a small Arboretum on the Reading Campus of Penn State University. This was also the site for a dance performance. Other projects included Mayfair (a Multi Day, Multi Stage Music Festival) and the Floating Birthday Berg, a Mayfair 10th Anniversary Commissioned Sculpture,, where a styrofoam "Berg"" with 10 "Candle" covered "Cakes" was towed around Lake Muhlenberg by kayak when the sun went down. Other Sculpture Garden venues included The Noyes Museum and Burlington County College, both in New Jersey , several other Penn State projects, and Albright College and Elizabethtown College, both in Pennsylvania