Paper is one of the most versatile and useful materials known to man. It is inexpensive, recyclable, and can be made from many different plant materials, in differing weights and characteristics. I make sculptures from handmade paper, using a combination of new fibers, usually Cotton Rag or Abaca, and discarded Drawings. I form a relatively thick, strong paper that I can apply to wire armatures while it is still wet. It dries on the framework in the form I want. I also make masks of Papier Mache, usually built over a paper sculpture base. Currently I am offering 2 workshops, One called ”Picasso Heads” which are humorous decorative masks based on Synthetic Cubism, and another to make a Life Mask and cast it in handmade Paper. I plan to offer other Basic Maskmaking and Papermaking related workshops n the future, and will develop related workshops such as basic Papermaking by request. Here are some Examples of ”Picasso Heads”


Workshop 1: Picasso Heads

Picasso Heads“ are decorative 3 dimensional Wall Hung Masks: a 2 Session Workshop

called Picasso Heads because they play with geometric and organic forms as he did in Synthetic Cubism. They do not copy any Picasso paintings

Session 1: Paper Sculpture Techniques: Participants will make and play with paper shapes to make 3 dimensional forms, then experiment with them to assemble something that could be turned into a face. The instructor will help each participant build“Bridging Forms“ that will tie all their pieces together in a coherent and stable way. 1 to 2 hrs will be used to do this depending on the size and ideas of the group.

Next: Participants will papier mache their work using recycled brown paper bags and glue and support the raised areas with crumpled plastic bags or other filler material until dry. 1 hour should be enough time to complete this.

Total Time 2-2 1/2 hr mask making session

Session 2: Trim, paint and finish dry Mask: Self explanatory, but we will discuss ways to develop the form and create interesting oppositions and juxtaposition, and hue and value.

Total Time 2 ½ to 3 hr painting session.