Workshop 2-

Cast Paper Life Mask


The nature of this process requires a 2 session workshop There must be several days between sessions because the plaster must thoroughly dry and cure. The paper positive must remain in the mold for several days to thoroughly dry before it is removed.

1st Session: Life Mask Mold: The session begins with a demonstration on how to apply Plaster Gauze Bandage Wrap to a face to create a Life Mask Mold . Next, participants work in teams to cast each other. This process takes approximately 25-30 minutes per participant, so 1 hr. per team+ 25 minutes for the demonstration =

Approximately 1 ½ hr workshop

2nd Session: Paper Making: Participants learn how to “pull“ a sheet of paper. They press the paper into the mold to create the paper positive. Alternately a kind of Paper Clay or even Papier Mache could be used to press into the mold to create the mask. Approximately 2 hr Workshop

Optional 3rd Session : Ways to display the finished product. I could make suggestions or the group could meet without me and help each other