Current Project:

Water Bodies

It|'s all about the strangeness...

Torsos without Heads or Limbs.

Shapes suspended in space.

Timeless and breathless...

What are they?

Capped with Trumpet Tops and air holes on the side they look like

they would make a mournful sound if you squeezed them,

A fanfare for the unknown and unexpected future.

It's the strangeness that matters.










Water Bodies vary in size from 1 ½ meters to over 2 meters tall. They are made of Handmade Paper over Chicken Wire. The raw Materials for the Pulp are Cotton Rag and Abaca mixed with discarded Drawings because I want the energy from the Drawings to transfer into the Sculptures, and I believe in recycling. The resulting Paper I make is strong and thick, sturdy enough to support the forms, although some have minimal Rebar Support. The Paper is sealed with Acrylic Gesso and the forms are enhanced with Inks and Paint.