Bodies for an Age beyond Irony, abstracted Figures existing without Heads or Limbs.

They hug the wall, Timeless and breathless...

Capped with ends like Trumpets, and occasional air holes, they look like

They would make a mournful sound if you squeezed them,

A fanfare for the breakdown of the social fabric.

What are they and why do they exist?

It's their insistance in the face of uncertainty that matters.

I have always been interested in painting on 3 Dimensional Form. This is non-traditional, but why not? Soundlings are forms made as a support for painting. Their forms come from life drawings and they are large and predominately white, reminiscent of the elegant Classic Sculpture fragments from the Ancient World. We thought these were unpainted because that is how we came to know them. Now we know differently and wish we could see them as they originally were. Soundlings seem like this pristine whiteness touched with graffiti, ...graffiti informed by the multitude of images in the world around us.

Soundlings vary in size from 1 ½ meters to over 2 meters tall. All were made in 2018 or 2019 and are all Wall hung. They are made of Handmade Paper over Chicken Wire, with other heavier wire support. They weigh 2,5 to 4 kg. The Raw Materials for the Pulp are Cotton Rag and Abaca mixed with discarded Drawings because I want the energy from the Drawings to be part of the Sculptures, and I believe in recycling. The resulting Paper I make is rough, strong and thick: sturdy enough to support the forms, The Paper is sealed with Acrylic Gesso and decorated with Inks. Pastels and Acrylic Paint.