Food Revolution 5.0

“Food Revolution“ is the name of an exhibition this past summer by the Kunstgewerbe Museum in Berlin. Kunstgewerbe literally translates to commercial or useful Art but you can think of it more as a Design Museum for all periods of history, from Medieval times to today. By 2050 the World Population will increase from 7.6 billion to over 9 billion, but with shrinking arable land and less subsistence farming the food supply will have to double, This exhibition addressed everything from food waste, increasing nutrition, and the environment to apartment hydroponics,

Food Scientists, Nutritionists and Designers submitted models ranging from the practical to the ridiculous making for a fascinating show. Here are some of many examples:

  • Virtual Reality glasses for chickens who must live in a small pen giving them the mental sensation of free-ranging if not the physical. The sense of wellbeing should translate into better meat or egg production.

  • A variety of strategies to help people to overcome their reluctance to eat insects including a personal sized mealworm growing “Hive“ with a 3 dimensional printer to turn the“dough“ of the harvested insects mixed with spices and cream cheese into shapes that look like things we do eat.

  • A Mask that captures your exhaled CO2 to culture Algi (Algae) which you will later eat. Apartment sized vertical hydroponic gardens to raise salad greens.

  • Biodegradeable Plastic made from food waste and Plates, etc made from Seaweed or carbonized food waste that will quickly decompose.

  • Tools to slow down (or speed up) eating or inedible objects placed in the plate to make you think you had a larger portions, since many of us eat more than we should before we feel full,

  • Here are some pictures:

Liz Magno